Customised Web Programming

Timely-updated and comprehensive website differentiates good companies from mediocre ones. In this digital era, everyone wants timely update and with our expertise, we are positioned to serve communications team to provide effective communications solution through website. Put simply, we provide a platform for clients to update their corporate announcements in an effective and efficient manner.

The Group is the leading customised web programming provider in the region and serve more than 500 clients including blue-chips companies in ASEAN.


We have expertise and technology to design, develop and customise web programming solutions to large and small clients
  • Direct connection to data source to ensure fast and error-free update of data
  • Our automated task manager, coupled with a well-documented workflow, ensures all necessary tasks are allocated, tracked and reviewed
We can customise a login for users to update corporate announcements and documents on the internet without any programming language
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Ability to send email newsletters
  • Proven solution
Key focus on our systems and security


We have a dedicated team comprising of local account serving and delivery teams.